Nexus 7 & Google Play Books Now In Japan

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Nexus 7Android fan following has expanded beyond the territorial restrictions. People from different regions and countries can enjoy the Google mobile operating system known as Android. This gorgeous OS brings something new for its users from time to time. Google play is an elegant service started by Google itself.

Android users in Japan should start making merry because Google has a celebration for them. The famous Google Nexus 7 is easily available within the country nowadays and it comes with Google Play books.

I know you must be getting curious about the price of this package.

“Well, the 16GB variant is available only in 19,800 Yen from the Google Play store and this amount equals to $250 approximately.”

The Japanese should not become conscious about the price because this value is going to be charged to the buyers from all other parts of the world.

Google PlayThere are some rumors that it will also be approaching India before the end of the current year. Here it is going to make the initial impression in the Asian market. Remember that the Google Play books and Nexus 7 has already hit the European, Australian and  North American markets.

Google has delivered the Nexus 7 and Google Play book to their Japanese launch page. It is obvious the Japanese would understand everything in their native language, not in English. That’s why it is advisable to visit the Google’s Japanese site. You can easily get the desired information simply by hitting the link appearing below.

Google Japan Google Nexus



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