Nexus 5 Caught on Play Store, Costs $350

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Nexus 5 Google Play Store

The wait seems to be over!

Whata??s Pleasing?

The original Nexus 5 appeared on the Google Play Store for a short period and it looks as someone has done this mistakenly.

16GB version of the device starts from $350 which is not too high for the tech lovers. Those who have been waiting for the next Nexus for so long can finally see the farwaited gadget on Play Store.

It seems someone has wrongly pressed the pop-up button or this could be a deliberate act to grab the attention of users from all around the world. However, whatever it is, people have been attracted toward this wonderful deal.

Nexus 5 Google Play Store

Whata??s Sad?

Now you will see that the Nexus 5 has been completely vanished from the Play Store and this must be very embarrassing for the entire Android community. You should not remain uninterested anymore because soon the product will be back again with real-time availability.

One thing that we got from this sudden appearance is the price idea and HD real image of the device. If you wish to quench your thirst by seeing this product time and again, then view the image above as many times as you want.

It seems that the device is no far away and will soon become available in most parts of the world. This is why users still keep their eyes on the Play Store hoping the imminent availability of the Nexus 5.

We are also following more news coming out of the core and will keep you updated whenever there is something important. So stay in touch with us!

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