Nexus 4 Hits Brazil & Available For $843

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Google is now entering different countries of the world and pushing its products and services to various markets.

a??The Nexus 4 has now reached Brazil and here it is available for a whopping $843.a??

You might get afraid about watching the price tag above, but this is reality and users should acknowledge. Let me tell you that the device is not available via Google Play Store. It means the Nexus 4 is not showing its relevancy with Google.

Nexus 4 is now available in brazil

a??The Nexus 4 is available at Ponto Frio, Fast Shop, presumably and other retailers.a??

Well, we cannot say anything for sure that it might come through the Google Play Store in the near future. Arrival of the Nexus 4 is big news for every Brazilian, but its price of course makes you feel bad. According to a post created by Google, the handset stars at $1699 Brazilian Reals.

We have observed the behavior of users and concluded that they are not happy with the prescribed price. A very high price may cause in the reduction of Nexus 4 sales.

Many other prominent brands such as htc and Samsung offer top-notch Smartphones and tablets at reasonable prices. So the users can easily afford to purchase such sorts of devices. As far as the social media is concerned, people on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ do not consider the price as decent.

They want to buy the Nexus 4 at moderate rates. Apart from the price, the Smartphone looks good along with its specs. However, users will not be able to buy the Nexus 4 at least at aforesaid price.

We can expect a few price cuts in the near future when the Nexus 4 will not break the sale records. Due to this reason, the company will have to take its price down to attract the customers.

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