New Nexus 10 Coming with Android 5.0

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New nexus 10 promo video

The New Nexus 10 cannot stay behind when its younger sibling, Nexus 7, is on hype nowadays. We have heard lots of stories about the New Nexus 7 and most of them were true. Now it’s time to talk something about the big sibling.

Google’s Sundar Pichai has revealed that Android lovers are soon going to see another Nexus 10 in the near future.

What does it mean?

Well, it shows that Google has not forgotten the users who need to get a big-sized tablet with fresh Android experience. The most amazing thing about the forthcoming New Nexus 10 is the Android 5.0. We are all very curious to see the upcoming version of Google’s mobile operating system. It is worth mentioning that Key Lime Pie is the name that would be given to the next Android version.

This information was unveiled at yesterday’s Android and Chrome event. Aside from the looming New Nexus 10, there was a lot more discussed regarding the Google’s upcoming products and services. They have also disclosed that the Google TV devices are also coming soon to entertain users in the best way. So you should get ready to have a big fun.

Now you must be impatient to know when the new Android version is going to be unveiled. Well, the Key Lime Pie and the next Nexus phone are expected to be launched in October. It means you will just have to wait for about 2 months or so in order to take pleasure with the advanced features and functions of the New Nexus 10 and Android 5.0.

We have informed you of the New Nexus 7 in a few of our recent posts and will keep updating in the future also. So stay in touch with us to cover all the top news stories especially related to Android.

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