The New Motorola is Due Late This Summer

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The Google-owned Motorola has been pretty sensible with its last few launches. For instance, the world famous Moto X and Moto G brought prosperity to this drowning ship and proved to be a great helping hand when it comes to revenue generation.

The company is again thinking to bring something innovative for its fans as the latest tweet from Motorolaa??s twitter page hints toward it. The new Motorola phone will be coming up sometime late this summer. So keep your wallets ready for the next new-thing from this Google owned company. After the recent Mobile World Congress 2014, it turns out that most manufacturers use the same hardware pattern. Today is the last day of this mega event, and the products announced lately might take a short span to hit the store shelves in different regions.


You must have been witness of what manufacturers have down with the hardware feasibility. Most of the devices announced in the recent days are based on Snapdragon 801 processor, Displays having around 5-inch measurement and 1080p pixel density, Sony camera sensor and a lot more in the same fashion.

This similar trend of companies could confuse buyers as they might get double-minded when it comes to the selection of their next gadget.

Unlike these manufacturers, Motorola has opted for a distinct way that make them different from what is being offered at this stage.

The company utilize Motorola X8 chip in their a??Moto Xa?? which comprised of a Dual-core processor along with two special cores for contextual computing and voice recognition. This was something very different that users really liked to experience.

The world is witness of how much users liked the innovative features of the Moto X. again we are excited to see revolutionary things in the upcoming new Motorola device which is going to be released late this summer. Thousands of users must be keeping their fingers crossed as Motorola is the only manufacturer that now employ distinct approach when it comes to Smartphone manufacturing.


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