Motorola X Phone Adds More Specs

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Motorola has come up with another interesting and lavishing Smartphone which is still to be announced. What you are seeing below is alleged Motorola X Phone. The device is expected to be launched at Google I/O beginning on May 15.

People from different regions of the globe are getting curious to experience the stunning features of the supposed X Phone.

motorola x phone comnig soon

A team member who was involved in the production of this upcoming Motorolaa??s flagship has revealed some additional specs. Well, it is necessary to bear into mind that the specifications are not official yet. So take them with a pinch of salt.

Anyhow, the Motorola X Phone will supposedly utilize an 800 Snapdragon chipset & a 4.7-inch (1280×768) resolution display. There is nothing to be concerned about the battery issue because the device is going to have a powerful backup.

A 4000mAh power unit inside the X phone can manage to give you a lasting android experience. According to Motorolaa??s recent modified policies, a lot of things have been changed in the favor of modern electronic consumers.

The hottest Android v4.2, Jelly Bean, is coming along with a few customizations from the company. Leta??s suppose if the image is real, then you can observe the stylishness of icons on its home screen.

We are receiving news that the Motorola X phone could also be IP57 certified. It means the device will be water resistant even if drowned into water for as long as 30 minutes. A?The Gorilla Glass 3 protection gives a wonderful helping hand to its screen.

The Smartphone might come without having an additional micro SD card. So you will have to manage all apps and files by not crossing the on-board storage limits. This option can be a little bit confusing for those who want a hefty storage on their device.

We will inform you once the Motorola X Phone makes its first appearance on upcoming Google I/O in the mid May.


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