Motorola Droid Ultra & Moto X Phone to be launched Soon

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Motorola Droid Ultra specs and release date

Everyone knows that Motorola is working on a new Android device based on the Googlea??s mobile operating system. You must be familiar with the fact that Motorola has been owned by Google. They aim to introduce a few stunning smartphones just like Moto X Phone. Motorola Droid Ultra is a new phone and will be soon unveiled officially.

The X Phone is one of the most far-waited devices to be launched by Motorola. It is being said that it will be soon out and available for purchase. However, we cannot say anything for sure about its release date.

“A recent leak has flaunted a new device known as Motorola Droid Ultra phone and this looks similar to X phone.”

However, it is going to be a new product from the manufacturer. New image of this specific smartphone has hit the World Wide Web with a Ferrari logo. It also etches an a??Elite Partner a?? New Orleans 2013a?? line on rear panel. It would not be appropriate to say something before the company itself reveals the secret.

motorola droid razr ultra

As far as the specs are concerned, the X phone is expected to have medium display and not much capable specifications. The other phone known as the Motorola Droid Ultra is said to be its phablet variant. This device is expected to have top-notch specs just like other famous devices. Sony has also joined this battle with their Xperia Z Ultra and Samsunga??s larger Galaxy Note 3 is also on the verge.

Fans of these fantastic fans should not be too much concerned about the availability because both of these devices willA? hit the market shelves before so long. So get ready to enjoy the marvelous appearance and useful features of these smartphones. We will be back with more details once company announces official release date.


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