Moto X Phone Gets Confirmed

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Moto X Phone now confirmed

Motorolaa??s CEO, Dennis Woodside, has confirmed their Moto X phone to be launched in this summer. He was at the AllThingsDigital D11 executive conference to make confirmation of the device. Additionally, Woodside confirmed the expected launch date, name and a few other important things.

a??The Moto X Phone will be broadly distributed across the globe,a?? said Motorolaa??s chief executive officer. The US fans must be happy to know that this phone will be launched through the multiple network carriers operating within the United States.

He said that their company has learned a lot of things from their previous mistakes and now aim to bring their lost goodwill back. The future work strategy of Motorola will be a??Take it back to the roots of innovation.a?? They had a meeting with Larry page and after that set future goals on retrieving their reputation.

Motorola X Phone confirmed

The most astonishing part of this meeting is Dennis Woodside has the Smartphone on him, popped away snugly in his pocket. The device will be one of the best ones for the current year. It will have different sensors for identifying usera??s needs and provide a better solution. Motorolaa??s representative has said that the device will be manufactured in the United States.

The manufacturing task of the Moto X phone will be accomplished at Fort Worth, Texas. You might know be aware of the fact that about 70% of the Smartphone will be made in the United States. A?CEO of the company also clarified about CPU and OLED display that will be built in Taiwan and Korea respectively.

You must be willing to know about the price which was a bit divulged by Mr. Woodside. He said that the pricing gap among $30 feature mobile phones and $650 top-notch Smartphones will no more exist. We can expect a good price tag for the upcoming Moto X Phone and the majority of the users will be able to purchase it without any worry.


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