Moto X Back could be Made of Ceramic, Plastic, Wood & More

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moto x back case

Moto X is the upcoming flagship phone from Google owned Motorola. The handset has been in rumors for last few weeks. Everyone has different stories to tell about the fascination and functions of this particular smartphone.

a??According to the reports, Moto X Back will be customizable and would be replaced with plastic, ceramic, wood and other materials.a??

This is going to be a unique thing with the upcoming flagship of Motorola. As we all know that Motorola is now owned and managed by Google itself. The latter wants the former to be brought up astonishingly by introducing some high-tech devices for the modern users. Thata??s the reason why Google has been very busy with Moto X Back planning.

bamboo phone

People like to have devices that can be modified according to their desires, but there are very few smartphones that offer personalization features. Luckily, Motorola is paying attention on this and their intro of multiple backs is an exceptional idea to make their flagship product a big success. Backs will be made of different materials and thus the users will have many wonderful options to choose from.

As far as the plastic is concerned, it is a common and general material used to make phone cases. On the other hand, option of wood and ceramic back is something that cana??t be digested easily. A recent leak says that manifold Moto X back options will be available soon after the official launch of on August 23rd . If the prediction or leak is authentic, then the much-talked handset will definitely grab attention of people.

Apart from the aforesaid material options, the device could also come with fabric back. This would be something exclusive that no other company has introduced yet.A? A network carrier is working closely and might offer an advantageous deal.

If the Moto X comes under an exotic range of back options, what option would you prefer?

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