LG Smartphones will Get Quad HD Display with 538ppi

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Quad HD Display from LG

LG introduces an innovative display technology that will bring comfort and ease to your life. It is good to see that the company is working willingly on the new things. Recently, they have shown up an example of the display that will definitely grab your attention.

a??The company has called it a??Quad HDa?? and sports a 5.5-inch touchscreen with an astonishing 2560A?1440 resolution and 538ppi pixels density.a??

It is true that these pixels are more than the Toshiba Excite Pro or Nexus 10. A?Most users are curious about the news as they didna??t expect LG to take this initiative. However, majority of the users are pretty happy to hear this as they wanted such technology to come in.

The new Quad HD panel lets you feel the real freedom of touch and you wona??t have to feel sorry for anything. More details include a classy 1.2mm bezel, 1.21 thickness and a super bright 430 units. It is really awesome to have such sort of display technology.

Soon after launching the LGa??s new product, other companies will also have to do something in this regard. This is because LG will give a tough competition to everyone due to its privilege of launching high-spec smartphone with a monster and classy display. Unlike many other smartphones available nowadays, the companya??s recently-revealed device will have the advantage of being unique due to its outstanding display technology.

It is worth stating that LG has not announced any official date for the arrival of this particular handset. However, you can wait until the manufacturer makes any official announcement regarding the availability, price and further information. We will let you know as soon as any further facts get revealed about this display technology. So stay in touch with us to get the instant Android updates. Leave your valuable comments below to let us know your ideas.

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