LG Sales in Q2 Count 14.5 Million Smartphones

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LG Q2 2014 Sales

It seems that the South Korean manufacturer is going to enjoy the good days again. The company has just announced LG sales in Q2 of 2014 and looks to be in profits. According to the recent statement, they have sold 14.5 million smartphones which is a record in itself.

You might be shocked to know that ita??s a 20% increase from the last year and 17% growth from the first quarter of 2014. This worlda??s famous manufacturer enjoys the record sales of KRW 3.6 trillion ($3.5 billion) just from the mobile division. This is the highest figure that the company has seen since 2010.

Companya??s mobile unit observed an operating profit of KRW 85.9 billion which nearly equals $83.4 million. This is a prosperity period for the South Korean manufacturer after seeing three consecutive loss eras. This is the result of very strong initial sale of flagship mobiles like LG G3 and the mid-range starts of the L series. Both of these have been strong candidates for LGa??s amazing performance at the starting of this year.

The demand for LTE-enabled smartphones is rising nowadays and LG has realized this from the beginning. This is also one of the reasons why LG sales in Q2 are worth watching. You can take the recent examples that show all the handsets were LTE enabled for a faster internet performance. So those interested in the fast web browsing must be enjoy LG handsets.

Another great factor that I consider important is the affordability of its new devices. These have been available at reasonable prices as compared to other high-end phones. In order to take the full advantage of its flagships, the company is adding more variants like G3 Beat. So this should also be contributing to the LGa??s profit.


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