LG Optimus L9 Leaked for The MetroPCS

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LG Optimus L9 leaked

It looks as the MetroPCS is about to obtain a new addition to their inexpensive Android lineup with the forthcoming LG Optimus L9 regulated to the T-Mobile owned wireless provider. You must be glad to know that we have got these leaked press shots of the Optimus L9. However, there is no MetroPCS brand on the Smartphone and you will notice the acquainted MetroPCS visual voicemail app on the pictured home screen.

The passionately released LG Optimus L9 might not be perfect in terms of the specifications, but can be a good device for those who wish to get a reliable low-end handset. The L9 is similar to the T-Mobile offer (apart from Metro radios) with a 4.5a?? IPS qHD display, 5MP camera, TI OMAP dual-core 4430 processor, 1GB of RAM, expandable storage with MicroSD card slot and a 2150mAh removable battery.

The specs and features of the device are strong enough to bring a positive change in onea??s life. There is no way out to buy a Smartphone that can offer you ultimate features at a very low price. This is the LG that offers the best quality products without charging too much. If you do not feel comfortable with the Optimus L9, then you can opt for the any similar devices available with good specifications and features.

We have not received anything official regarding the availability and pricing of the device. A?Nevertheless, it is expected that the most valuable information will be unveiled soon in the coming weeks. You need to be patient until the company makes any official announcement in this regard.

With the LG Optimus L9, you can customize your fun experience without sacrificing the usability. It is very good to see that LG takes care of its customers A?and offers reasonable products with several fantastic features. Stay connected to know more about the future releases from LG and other mega manufacturers.


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