LG Nexus Device Expected to Release in Next Few Weeks

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Are you ready to use another great Nexus Device? If your answer is in ‘YES’ so get ready to use LG Nexus in the next few weeks as the LG company has taken another step in the field of Nexus Device to compete with Google Nexus and the new in the air that LG going to release another Nexus Device for it’s users.

It is estimated that that LG Nexus will be available for use in the following 30 days; however it doesn’t conform by the company officially when they will release their new Nexus for the general public. According to source news the LG Nexus device has seeped out in blogs, and they are going to hold a new version of android operating system in this new nexus device.

The users of different LG devices who want to use this LG Nexus  too, are expecting Android 5.0 Jelly been version in this new nexus device by LG.

However the news said that it will not be available in this device as the manufacturer has been leaked as well. Now it is hard to say who honestly knows what is actually inside the LG NEXUS correctly.

To know the answers to these all questions we should have to wait for the announcement by the LG Company which android version contain their new nexus device. There is some rumor news in soundings what features have this new LG Nexus device.

If you want to know all the features officially by announced by the company keep in touch with us for the good news of New LG Nexus, as when it will be released and what features inside the device. The most important what Android version contains this LG device?



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