LG Lucid Receiving Maintenance Upgrade

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LG Lucid

LG Lucid Verizon is almost ready to raze another OTA update. People using android phones know that receiving update is something tricky most of the online viagra for male times. However, this OTA update for the LG Lucid is a maintenance upgrade, directly concerned with bug fixes. If you are having numerous errors on the screen of your LG Lucid, then this upgrade will surely deal with it.

Build VS840ZV6 can fix bugs causing your device to display some erroneous information. Errors on the Smartphone’s screen are always very irritating. Every android user wants to get rid of multiple unreasonable errors. LG Lucid is supposed to get enhanced GPS widget working. It will also obtain a better dialer widget.

Verizon wireless is quite pleased to publicize this new software update. Verizon has encouraged all the LG Lucid users to download this upgrade without any delay. This upgrade to LG Lucid also includes “Add to Contacts” function along with “Instant Search.” Users of LG Lucid will surely like to enjoy these new improved features on their handsets.

With the help of this OTA upgrade, you can navigate the Google Maps very successfully. There will be no chances of any blunder as this update will provide you precise and accurate results regarding your queries. Threshold of the battery temperature is also enhanced and now you will not have to suffer from the overheat problem. Prior to this update, LG Lucid used to get overheated while using the Google Navigation.

Hence, the Build VS840ZV6 update will make the life of LG Lucid users easier and relaxed by improving some of the problem creating features.


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