LG Introduces 5-Inch 1080p Display

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LG has been serving its customers with astonishing devices for many years. Each of you will surely like to have a 5-inch television in the pocket. Here is good news for you; LG has introduced a 5-inch display for its clients. This 5 inch AH-IPS display can push out 1080p image.

1080p is an outstanding standard full high-definition display resolution. You will find it on laptops, monitors, tablets, television, tablets and more. After the arrival of Samsung Galaxy note, this is a great invention from LG. This display has brought about a great revolution in the world of high definition display screens.

You will be contented to know that LG is working on further projects to create more amazing and high-tech displays for its customers. If you are a habitual user of LG’s products, then it will be one more gift for you.

This small display produced by LG has large resolution as well as highest pixel density 440ppi. You will surely like to have such type of device for getting a better display that must be beyond your expectations.


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