LG G3 Vista Alleged to come via Verizon – G3a??s Younger Sibling

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LG G3 Vista is the new small sibling of LG's flagship smartphone

LG G3 has been a spectacular smartphone in the Korean market. It has beaten Samsunga??s Galaxy S5 with a great daily sales numbers. The former is now available for pre-order in the international market and expected to be in stock before so long.

It seems that Verizon is going to grab the LG G3 Vista under its brand name, G3’s mini variant with fairly low-end specs.

For your information, the G3 Vista is a less powerful sibling of the LGa??s current flagship handset. However, both share the same feel and appearance. If you high-spec device is not a big deal for you, then the rumored variant of the G3 can be a good option to select.

Of course, if the rumors turn out to be true then users wona??t have to pay as much as they would pay for the original LG G3. Getting the same taste and pleasure in less cost makes a lot of sense. Anyhow, this would be possible only if the LG G3 Vista proves to be something real.

Here it is quite important to mention that the mini version will not be too below the standards. A few downgrades are expected, but not known at present. This is not for the first time when a manufacturer makes a mini variant of its world famous flagship smartphone, but companies like HTC and Samsung follow this scheme every time.

For instance, you can find mini versions of the Samsunga??s Galaxy S5, S4 and S3 flagship smartphones. Likewise the HTC One comes with its HTC One Mini version which is quite popular nowadays because of its metallic body and boom sound front speakers.

LG must be doing an effort to quench the thirst of those who dona??t want to spend high price for its standard flagship phone. This could be the reason why the LG G3 vista is in the news nowadays.


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