LG G3 UI Screenshot Leaked Online

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 lg g3 android screenshot is now leaked

It has not been too long when we first talked about the upcoming LG G3 and the LG G3 Mini. Fans are eagerly looking forward the new big thing and the reason behind is that the manufacturer has performed very well in the past few years.

What’s new this time?

“LG G3 UI screenshot has just been out on the web and looks quite impressive and elegant with slightly big icons.”

There are different aspects that are to be discussed in this regard. The first thing is the user experience, whether the leaked LG G3 UI is easy to use or not. If this really is, then surely people would love grabbing the new handset from LG.

lg g3

There must not be any doubt about the brand establishment of this famous Korean manufacturer. They always come with flying colors, no matter what industry they operate in. It is my duty as a news reporter to deliver the facts in a decent way. So I don’t think that LG would ever stand on the verge of failure, only if they keep on launching stunning devices.

Coming back to user interface which is flatter and the icons are a bit larger than before. This would bring ease of use as well as convenient navigational access across the home screen. Though the leaked LG G3 UI screenshot looks genuine, yet noting can be said for sure.


All we need to do is wait, approximately for the next few days or weeks. We will run back to you when the product gets officially announced, expectedly along with its younger bro – G3 Mini.

This time LG has definitely got the opportunity to renovate their old user interface and bring a positive change to what they have been offering previously. Android community is excited to see the forthcoming giant smartphone, hopefully will see soon.

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