LG G3 to Have Octa Core Chipset and Quad HD Display

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Modern era requires devices based on high technology and that’s the reason why several companies produce top-notch smartphones and tablets to satisfy the desires of their users. Samsung, HTC, LG and Apple are the tech giants of the present technological age and it has become very difficult for others to compete with them.

However, LG is famous for creating devices with alluring display. The manufacturer has served us with dozens of fantastic mobile phones during this year. However, now we move forward to see something more than that. You will be glad to know that LG G3 is the next big thing from this manufacturer.

The upcoming giant smartphone is said to have powerful specs as required by the current phone lovers. The LG G3 will be the next level smartphone following the footsteps of G2. The company is expected to bring a major upgrade in the hardware.


As per SDNet’s Korean branch, the manufacturer is currently working on a new handset that will sport a QHD display along with Octa-Core processor. Aside from the display and processor, the next smartphone will also be featuring a 16 Megapixel rear-facing camera. It means that the LG G3 will be a complete package for those who wish to have a powerful device based on the robust specifications.

According to the so far leaked info, the device will have a screen resolution of 2560×1440 pixels which is enough to deliver a fantastic viewing experience on the go. There is nothing to be concerned about the display because this gorgeous display will never let you down at any stage.

The new phone is expected to be launched in 2014. Nevertheless, there is no actual release date available so far. We will keep you updated as and when new information hits the web.

Source: ZD Net


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