LG G3 Beats Galaxy S5 in Korea

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LG G3 Pro vs Galaxy S5V

LG G3 is the hottest flagship smartphone with an outstanding contour and the best-ever display characteristics. Both the manufacturers, Samsung and LG, are performing well in the Korean region. However, there is one news that made me stunned and might make you too.

The latest LG G3 beats the Samsung Galaxy S5 in Korean and this could be the most heroic performance by the LG flagship to date.

“A Korean source says that the S5 sales over the period were in-between 7000 to 8000, while the LG G3 ships 25000 to 30000 units per day.”

Many Android lovers and industry analysts always consider Samsung on top of the smartphone manufacturers, but this time LG takes a swift and aggressive turn. It is quite impressive to see that LG has done a wonderful job in its home market. Now we need to wait until this shocking change occurs in the other markets too.

LG fans and followers must be pretty happy over this sweet victory and would like the manufacturer to rock on with the same sort of devices. There are several stunning things making the LG’s hottest flagship more different and more stylish than its competitors. Here please bear this into mind that the competitors include Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 2014 edition and the Sony Xperia Z2.

The Lumina and Gold star (LG) has succeeded to beat its rival by a monstrous 3 to 1 ration in a very few days of the G3 availability. As you can see in the above highlight, the daily sales numbers really matters when it comes to measure the success of the either. It seems that LG has got the key to success and now it might out do other manufacturers as well over the coming few years.


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