LG G Vista Flaunts Beside LG G3 – Launch Expected on August 7

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LG g vista and LG G3

LG G Vista has been in the rumor mill for last few weeks and finally it appears next to the hottest LG G3. Both the handsets look quite similar to each other except for the size or measurements.

We heard a few days back that the Verizon is doing some tricks with the LG G Vista, but no actual info was available as to when the carrier is going to launch the device. Those who wish to get the LG G3 but in a different size can opt for the recently leaked G Vista because the latter looks quite akin to the former.

Actually, the G Vista is a different handset with different branding. You can see the LG G3 on the left and the LG G Vista on the right in the above image. Now you can easily find the major difference between these two cutting-edge devices.

The LG G Vista appears to be a tad wider and taller, it means that the device could be possibly the G Pro Lite 2. One thing that I would like you to be familiar with is that the non-flagship phones are often renamed after sometime. I presume that this would be the case here.

It is being said that both the handsets, LG G Vista and LG G3, will be launched on August 7 through Verizon network. Hopefully, the carrier will not put its fans to boredom by extending the release date to an unspecified time frame. To see the official source of the above image leak, you can hit the link below.

Source: @evleaks


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