LG G Flex Pops Up Again with Clear Images


LG G Flex leak

LG is known for its stylish and high-tech devices. We have seen a number of important devices from this mega manufacturer over the past few months. Now it seems that the company wants to continue moving fast on the success roller coaster.

LG G Flex is the new smartphone that has just been leaked on the internet with a number of quality images.

If you have not been aware of LGa??s innovative products, then this could be a bit shocking for you. The recently-leaked device looks quite awesome when it comes to appearance and style. However, we cannot say anything for sure unless we get our hands on it. There is no official word available on the release date.

A few days back, some rumors suggested that LG is soon going to bring up another wonderful phablet for its fans. This would be far better than the currently available LG G2. Hopefully, this would turn out to be true before so long. Rumors are part of the tech world and therefore, cannot be separated from our daily life. Being a tech geek, you should adopt the habit to digest all these kinds of junk news.

In the recently leaked snapshots, the LG G Flex looks a bit curved at its center. This really doesna??t mean that the handset is going to be quite flexible. Though the concept of flexible smartphone is getting famous over the last few days, yet no company has dared to show it up. LG must be the exclusive manufacturer if it brings the G Flex up as a fully stretchy device.

Are you waiting for it to be released?

Keep your fingers crossed and we will let you know as soon as it hits the market shelves. Stay tuned to know more from the Android world.


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  1. James

    10/23/2013, 07:59 pm

    I am stunned! This is a fantastic device as far as the looks are concerned. Waiting for release…


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