Jean Baptiste Queru Left Google, Joins Yahoo

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Jean Baptiste Queru Android

Jean Baptiste Queru was the lead for an Open Source Project of Google Android. He has just announced through his official twitter account that he is now working at Yahoo! JBQ has started working at a new place with a devoted team developing new mobile apps. This year we have seen many prominent professionals switching their jobs from one place to another. Most of job switchers were Google’s former employees.

Jean Baptiste Queru leaves google

It is a bit alarming situation for the giant company because employees only resign when they get irritated by something. Google should investigate the matter and diagnose why their workers are leaving the important positions in the company. As far as the Jean Baptiste Queru is concerned, he got frustrated when failed to obtain the factory images after Nexus 7 2013 release. Most users must be aware of that event. Well, that frustration led JBQ run away from Google and also the AOSP.

Resignation of this individual from Google INC could be a big loss for the company. JBQ seems pretty happy at his new job at Yahoo as he has just mentioned in a tweet. There must be something important behind the resignation from this job. However, neither the employer nor the employee has mentioned the reason behind this important issue. However, we will report you back as soon as some information comes in about this matter.

Lastly, Jean Baptiste Queru has started his job in a new position as a senior principal engineer and architect and seems quite happy with that.

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  1. rocky droider

    09/18/2013, 09:04 pm

    well thats gonna be fishy around , google might not done anything with him, yet he would have got a massive salary package, i dont want to hear anything except this, there wouldnt anything involve


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