iTunes for Android Seems On the Verge – Apple

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iTunes for android could be coming soon

Listening this new phrase ‘iTunes for Android’ feels awkward!

Although many of you might do not believe, yet the reality is that Apple is going to launch iTunes for Android.

This could be the most heroic decision ever made by the American tech giant. We all know that the biggest threat to Apple is none other than Android.

Why Apple has made such astonishing decision?

Well, the company has noticed a huge decline in their iTune downloads due to which they have made up their minds to move onto Google’s Mobile operating system.

Actually the robust competition between these two rivalries have made them think to work together. Android didn’t consider it necessary because they have already taken the advantage of the larger market share. The only thing was Apple’s anxiousness to lose its customers in the coming years.

According to the Billboard’s latest leak, soon Apple is going to launch iTunes for Android in order to bring their revenue up to the optimum level.

The complimentary company might consider this very easy, but indeed it is not as simple as they could think. They will need to make a lot of changes and also take important decisions.

One thing that no one can deny is the very tough competition on Android. Bear this into your mind that prestigious brands like Google and Amazon are already ruling the digital music industry along with the services such as Pandora, Rdio, Google Music and Spotify.

Apple will have to do a lot more than the users’ expectations. Currently folks are stunned by this news and could be annoyed too.

What are your thoughts on it? How did you feel on hearing about iTunes for Android? Do let us know by sounding off in the below comment section. You can also visit the source to get more information on this news.

Source: Billboard


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