Hugo Barra Leaves Google, Will Join Xiaomi

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HUGO BARRA resigns from GOOgle

We often hear news about different gadgets and devices, but they do not tweak us too much. Now, when users think that everything is just fine, bam, startling news came through.

a??Hugo Barra has resigned from his job in Google INC and now intended to join a Chinese manufacture known as Xiaomi.a??

His face is not infamous as we have seen him most often with the Nexus 7 tablet. Indeed, Hugo was one of the most famous personalities working here at Google. His services for the company cannot be paid at all because he has done a fantastic job for the sake of this giant. Most of you people must have seen him announcing the hottest Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition and the New Nexus 7.

Now you must be getting curious to know the reason behind this resignation. Well, it doesna??t seem to be a major thing behind the case. According to the sources, there is something personal behind the scene. Google do not want Barra to leave this way as the company needs his fabulous services for the future projects. Seemingly, Hugo will not carry on his career with Google and join the aforesaid Chinese manufacturer.

If you remember, this is the second big loss for Google as Andy Rubin left this company earlier this year. Soon after Rubina??s resignation, Sundar Pichai was there to take on. It is somewhat mysterious why Googlea??s employees are stepping away despite of several amenities and job satisfaction. This question must also be disturbing your senses too as Google are the monarch of the current internet world.

The company announced the replacement after Andy Rubin had left, but there is nothing been mentioned about the replacement for Hugo Barra. Android team is known for its excellent talent and Google will not adopt leniency in hiring a great professional to perform Hugoa??s task.

We are keeping an eye on the issue and will let you know if there is something worth knowing.

Whata??s your opinion on the resignation of Hugo Barra?

Source: All Things D


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