HTC Puts U.S Import Ban behind It

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HTC was banned for importing some of its products in the United States. However, HTC did not wait too long to get the ban released and they have come forward with their exceptional new gadgets. Bear in your mind that HTC was only banned for the United States. This ban was due to some of the issues regarding misrepresentation.

The bans were only founded on HTC devices after a complaint filed by Apple with ITC. This import ban covered some of the devices such as EVO 4G LTE and HTC One X. it was very unbearable for the HTC to face such type of alarming situation. Finally, HTC was able to obtain few handsets through the customs. It is not clear how many devices were released.

HTC has officially announced that their smart phones have been released and are now transporting. Now, the users will be able to take benefits from HTC’s previously banned products. HTC has completed review process with the U.S. customs. Their devices were released after necessary checking as they complied with ITC ruling. It means bulk shipments will be coming soon for the HTC device lovers.

So, fans of HTC should not get worry about banned devices as they have been released by the U.S. customs.


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