HTC One SV Might Come to Sprint

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Sprint HTC one sv

How many Sprint fans are there viewing this post?

Sprint is supposed to provide its networking service on the famous HTC One SV. The device has been released only a few days ago by Cricket clad. It seems that Sprint lovers ear eagerly looking toward the release of this marvelous device. They want to grab it as soon as possible.

A secrete source has revealed that an HTC phone is about to come with Sprint. Various network carriers are operating within the United States and each has their own specific features and services. Though the purpose of every mobile network carrier is the same, yet they can be distinguished on the basis of distinct characteristics.

It is expected that the Sprint HTC One SV could hit the market soon. Well, we can just hope that the mystery would be resolved soon. Code name of this device is PL80110 and the code name of HTC One SV on the Cricket is PL80120. So, both of these two devices are considered to be closely resemble to each other.

Anyhow, Sprint users in the United States can wait until the company makes an official announcement regarding the HTC One SV release.

All the things are not in the favor of this handset. The physical dimension really does not match with cricket One SV. Let me inform you that no certain information has been obtained about this. However, well will let you know once HTC One SV makes is real appearance with Sprint.

As far as the specs of this spectacular phone are concerned, they are undoubtedly strong. A modern android user can enjoy its features without having any problem. The specs are easily available on the internet and you can access them to verify your requirements regarding specifications.


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