HTC One Successor Expected to be Unveiled in March

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HTC lovers can’t live without their desired smartphone and that’s why desperately waiting for the next big thing from their favorite company.

According to the resent reports, the HTC One successor is anticipated to be launched in the coming March, only two months remain.


The device is expected to sport a 5-inch touchscreen and a twin-sensor rear camera with a better image quality. As far as the processor is concerned, the company is said to rely on the Qualcomm’s latest processing technology. No final words available on this, but the speculation is quite vulnerable to truth.

HTC does not seem to be heading with a separate branding, instead they will employ the same brand name such as ‘New HTC One’. This might be somewhat strange for you guys, but HTC don’t want to start a fresh lineup. This could be as a result of its ‘One’ lineup success.

It would not be appropriate to say something about the new flagship smartphone, because no basis is available to give reference. As for the HTC One, the new device could also be delivering the stunning music experience with beats audio. All we can do for now is wait until the manufacturer itself announces their new flagship product with a slew of attention-grabbing specs and features.

Are you ready to get HTC One successor? What are your thoughts on its specs?

Drop your opinions in the comment section below and we’ll be back with answers if necessary. Keep checking back to know what’s happening in the tech world.

Source: Bloomberg


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