HTC One Now Available in the United States on Amazon

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HTC One Amazon is now in U.S.!

HTC one amazon is now available in the United States

The HTC One release was actually delayed in most of the countries including Russia and the United Kingdom. Luckily, the device is now available for those who reside within the United States.

Yes, the HTC One is presently available on Amazon starting from $850. There are many users who have been screaming out for the One as they could not wait anymore for such a superb Smartphone.

Finally, Amazon is trying to quench the thirst of such potential buyers who are willing to purchase the HTC One. The seller is offering the handset for as low as $850. We have not obtained any official information about the release date of the device because the company has not revealed anything in this regard.

There is nothing to worry if you do not want to rely on a single seller as there are two more sellers offering the safe product, but at different rates. Yes, they are providing the HTC One for $900 and the shipping time is about 6 to 10 days.

We have covered a detailed discussion on the HTC Onea??s specs and features. Well, today we are informing you about the availability of this specific gadget in America. Most of the mobile network carriers working within the United States intend to offer the HTC One including AT&T. However, Verizon is not going to offer the HTC flagship.

The HTC One Amazon is ready to ship the product in the whole United States. At present, T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T are accepting the pre-orders & will make the handset available on April 19.

AT&T is demanding $300 for a 64GB model and $200 for a 32GB model (both on contract). Similarly, the Sprint is also offering the HTC One for $200 32GB model and they also intend to provide the device on April 19.

Finally, the HTC One Amazon offer is the best among all of them, although it charges a hefty price. They are offering the Smartphone for $1,180 and would deliver this product within 1-2 days only.

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