HTC One M8 Mini Out Now – Rumour

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HTCa??s biggest thing of the year has just been announced and made available in some countries of the world. The concept of launching small versions have become very popular and now almost every big manufacturer follows the same practice of releasing pocketable editions of phones.

htc one m8Mini

HTC One M8 Mini now pops up with important specs and features that you would love to know about.

After the unveil event, HTC is busy with taking pre-orders and hopefully will be able to meet up the rising demand from different regions of the world.

It is worth letting you know that HTC One M8 Mini has been located on a famous Swedish carrier Teliaa??s website.

I am really shocked to see that the product has got listed by them even the HTC has not announced it yet through official channel.

The company is fully utilizing the brand name of their new lineup and thata??s the reason why extended the a??Onea?? series to the next level. Be informed that the famous news leaker @evleaks has already confirmed the existence of this small phone.

Currently not authentic information is available on the release as well as on the specifications. So if you are still looking for this sort of info, then you might need to wait for the next few days until the company makes the product publicized officially.

As far as our opinion is concerned, HTC will give some time to its all new One smartphone to groom up and then they might consider to bring its smaller version on the marketplace.

Rise of the Taiwanese manufacturer has started just because of the world famous a??Onea?? series. Prior to its launch, the company was on the verge of failure. However, the danger is said to be turned away with the new marketing strategy. So there is nothing to be worried in this regard up to now.


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