HTC M8 Release Date: Coming to Important US Carriers in Q1 2014

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HTC has done a great job during the current year by introducing its “One” lineup that includes the One standard version, One Max and One Mini. People have appreciated all these devices and the company earned great profits to give helping hand to their falling economy. Now it’s time to bring up something more interesting and innovative.

HTC M8 release date

One thing that you should not overlook is HTC M8 release date. It was first leaked that the next HTC flagship phone will be launched in 2014. This is going to be the updated version of the presently available HTC One. Just a few days back, some spied images of the new smartphone have been leaked on the internet. The device is said to utilize a fingerprint sensor to make the security foolproof.

As far as the design is concerned, the device is not pretty much distinct from the standard version of HTC One. This will also be similar to the large version known as Max.

According to the latest information, the HTC M8 will be released by T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon. It is being said that the smartphone will be launched until the end of Q1 2014.

There is no exact release date available so far, however, we assume that it will be in or around February 2014. Currently, the handset is known by its codename which is HTC M8. Nevertheless, the company is expected to give it another charming name once the release date is on the verge.

So the phone is now its way! Are you ready to grab one?

Source: @evleaks


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