a??HTC Firsta?? Shows Its Real Face for the First Time

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We have been wondering about the so-called Facebook phone. People have different opinions regarding the reality of this mystery. Well, we have good news for you today.

a??HTC Firsta?? becomes unveiled and shows its fascia through evleaks.

The device looks good enough to satisfy the appearance requirements of modern Smartphone users. However, some people may not consider this phone as perfect for their needs.

Experts have declared this device as Facebook phone and most of the users agree to this. Evleaks have leaked a photo of a phone and this handset is expected to be revealed by Facebook on 4th April (Thursday). You should also keep it in mind that the device is known as Myst which is its codename.

The rumored HTC First might have a brand new Facebook launcher to facilitate the social media lovers. If you like to browse Facebook time and again in order to be aware of the friendsa?? status, then getting this particular handset should be one of your first priorities.

Hardware of the phone looks pretty sturdy just like other modern Smartphones. However, logo is not something superb. Instead, ita??s simple and modest which is good at this time. I must say that obfuscation is directly associated with the logo as it does not deliver the true spirit as it could.

Well, now coming to the name of this device. a??HTC Firsta?? sounds just okay, at least better than ChaCha. You would not like to listen to that kind of word again in the tech industry. The color and font used in the HTC First are good enough to provide you the best Facebook memento.

Indeed if you wish to stay connected to your friends via Facebook, then HTC First is the good option for you. Other handsets might not be able to provide you the best social media experience.

Source: evleaks


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