How Android Is Being Affected By iOS

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android ios competition

We openly say that iOS was a revolutionary product at its early stage. However, Android has dominated this mobile operating system by introducing lovely and flexible features. Although there are thousands of people who still like to use iOS based devices, yet Android holds a prominent part of the mobile industry. We always keep an eye on Android iOS relations.

Good thing about the Googlea??s operating system is that several Android apps function very decently even at a lower capacity. Now you must be thinking how iOS creates a negative impact on Android.

a??Various companies develop apps for iOS first, and for Android later.a??

This biased behavior could be very damaging for the Googlea??s mobile operating system. Such attitude of companies shows that Apple is more dominating and powerful than then android. Leta??s take an example of recently launched a??Summlya?? which has become a famous news app on iOS.

You must be aware of the fact that the Summly is making progress by leaps and bounds on the Applea??s mobile operating system. Negative thing about the concerned matter is that the app is still not available on Android. This can be very embarrassing for Android users.

There can be several important reasons behind this unfair behavior of developers. iPhone apps always bring more revenue than Android applications. Moreover, iOS-based devices are always more expensive than those running the Googlea??s mobile OS. This could be a solid reason why Android is being affected by the negative behavior.

Actually, developers should understand and accept the rising prestige of Android. They must believe in the quality products running different versions of Android. You can see Galaxy series by Samsung as the entire lineup has ruled the world of mobile devices. Android iOS dealings are always based on annoyance, but why?

Fortunately, there are many companies who have appreciated the overwhelming position of Google Android and they are working to add more to this world-famous Mobile OS. Let’s see what happens next in Android IOS race.

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Source: A Dash of Mobile Development


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