Google Shopping Now Adds Local Results


Google shopping now updated with local results

Everything in our life has been transformed with the advancement in the technology. Shopping was a fun experience for family and friends, only when we used to go outside for buying something. The physical shopping experience can never be a good alternative of online shopping. Still some people like to go to the market for buying what they need. Nevertheless, majority of buyers have switched to online modes of shopping.

Google Shopping is one of the most easy and prominent ways of purchasing products and services online. Previously, this service was not enriched with local results and this was a bit uncomfortable for the users who wish to buy something locally. You only needed to purchase any particular thing from a far off place, but the shipment made by online retailer. This often takes a longer period of time and could irritate a buyer.

Google online shopping update

However, the online shopping is getting better day by day due to advancement in this specific business industry. Ecommerce tactics can make it convenient for users to buy anything without any trouble. This is what Google has just done with their shop industry. They have added local results so that the buyers can make purchases without getting concerned about anything.

A few prominent changes have been made to Google Shopping in order to facilitate local buyers. Now local store results will also be shown along with the online stores when a user would search for the required product or service. This is good because you can buy a specific product for your neighborhood instead of waiting for shipment from an online store. This is how Google made it simpler for its users.

Do you use Google Shopping?

If yes, then enjoy the new update.

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Source: Google Commerce Blog


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2 Responses

  1. Joseph

    10/09/2013, 10:00 pm

    Its good to enjoy new shopping experience with local retail stores. Hopefully, everything goes well with the latest update.

  2. Jenny

    10/09/2013, 10:04 pm

    Although Google brings convenience to online shopping, yet I would prefer shop physically. It’s always a fun experience to go outside for making purchases.


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