Google Reveals New Gmail Inbox Experience for Mobile and Desktop

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Gmail is the most widely used e-mail service across the globe and people like to stay connected with their loved one through chats and email services of Google. Most of us check the Inbox to see whata??s new from our contacts and this place has a great impact on our communication approach.

Google has announced to bring the new Inbox for the Gmail mobile and desktop experience. They aim to roll out the prescribed update through the next few weeks.

The upcoming Inbox experience is expected to have more personalized and streamlined layout.A?Those who do not feel okay with the current UI should keep patience until the Google rolls out the next Inbox update. The details might include the fresh categories for promotions, social and updates.

New inbox experience

This would be a great fun to have a new user interface along with many other improved features. Users will be able to connect to their loved ones without facing any sort of inconvenience or difficulty. You will not be forced to use the new updated version of Inbox, but you can also revert to the previous classic view of does not feel satisfied with the improved one.

Gmail Inbox

The Android, desktop and iOS versions will be available within next few weeks. If you do not want to miss the opportunity to update your Gmail Inbox, then keep an eye on the a??Configure Inboxa?? option. In this way, you will be able to take up the latest Gmail Inbox experience sooner than your friends or colleagues.

We will also inform you once Google starts rolling out the Gmail Inbox update to its Android, desktop and iOS users. To see how it works, check out the video given below.

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