Google Play Vending Machines in Japan Making Downloads Easier

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google play vending machines now working in Japan

Vending machine is a famous source of selling different sort of products across the world. You can buy eatables, footwear, coffee, drinks and many other things using these productive appliances.

a??It seems that Japanese are crazy about these as they get Google Play Vending Machines to make unlimited downloads from Googlea??s app store.a??

This is an awesome idea to increase app sales in Japan and company must be appreciated for the creative thinking. Google has decided to capitalize in big boxes that would now spit out android applications to users. You might get stunned to know that the first of Google Play Vending Machines has been launched with fully functioning capabilities.

Your mouth should not be watered because there will not be any Nexus devices lying in these machines. Therefore, you still need to purchase the desired Nexus gadget right from Play Storea??s website, if available in your region. In short, the new Google Play Vending machines will not be holding any physical item. So there is no shortcut to get this wonderful handset. Coming back to our main theme, users will be able to get their favorite apps or games using NFC-enabled devices.

These NFC smartphones will sync with the machine to facilitate the purchase of applications and games. Currently, only 18 paid and free apps/games are being offered to the customers and more will be added over the time. Therefore, you should not be embarrassed because of low number of apps.

In case you do not have an NFC-enabled phone, the Nexus smartphone will work to purchase content from Google Play Vending Machines. This could be a technique to grab most customers for their Nexus devices.

I know most people in the United States must be looking forward the arrival of these cool vending machines. However, no authentic information is currently available on their availability in other parts of the world.

Source: Engadget Via: Phandroid


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