Google Play Books Finally in Five more States

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Google is the monarch of the tech industry and World Wide Web. This giant company has introduced several interesting and useful products/services for the internet users from all around the world.

google play book app

It has things for people having different interests and leanings. Google Play Books is an ideal service for those who like reading books 24/7. The service is available in select countries and now 5 more regions have been added to this selective market.

a??Google Play Books can now be accessed from five more countries including Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile and Argentina.a??

Googlea??s book store now available in 44 countries around the world and users from these regions can enjoy reading their favorite scripts without any hassle.

android ebooks google

It is nice to see staggering forty four states in a position of using Google Play Books. Some people might think that the concept of reading has become narrowed with the advancement in technology. I dona??t think so because availability of the modern phablets and tablets have increased the readability. You can get hundreds of eBooks from the online book store and start reading any time.

Moreover, one do not need to build a separate library for stocking a large number of books. Instead, you can store thousands of eBooks in your Android tablet or phone. In this way users can easily save their money that might be spent on making a new library.

If you are living in any of the above countries, then dona??t stay embarrassed anymore. Simply head to the Google Play Store and select some good reads for you. Below is the link through which you can access the heap of books.

Pick up your reads!


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