Google Motrola Clash a?? The Former Declares the Lattera??s Devices Unsatisfactory

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Google motorola facing critical situation due to clash

Google has been very promising with its services and offers since its beginning. However, there could be some negligible errors occurred during the early days. The companya??s Android mobile operating system is very popular nowadays and several mobile device manufacturers are willing to sign contracts with this.

We have come to know about the Google Motorola clash. It seems that the former is not satisfied with the product lineup. There could be several significant reasons behind this unsolved mystery.

Recently, Google has exposed that some of the Motorola devices are not up to their standards. Approximately about 9 months before when Google obtained Motorola, the latter inherited around 18 months value of the product pipeline.

Very famous Smartphones such as RAZR M and RAZR HD are also not up to the Googlea??s standards.

The senior vice president and Chief Financial Officer of Google, Patrick Pichette, said that the Motorolaa??s current products are not too good as they do not possess innovation and transformation.

This is the thing that everyone must accept with an open heart. The Google vice president was looking pretty unsatisfied with what the company has offered them. So, it has become clear now that the main reason behind the Google Motorola clang is the dissatisfactory collection of the present products.

Google needs to see some change and innovation in Motorolaa??s Smartphones, however, the company does not seem to be attentive toward the above statements made by the Googlea??s representatives.

We have also come to know about the rumors regarding X Phone, a product to be manufactured with the collaboration of both the companies. It might get announced at Google I/O during the current year.

It is immensely important for both these giants to make effective strategies about the best product lineup. This can be the only way to come out of Google Motorola disappointing situation.

Source: theverge


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