Google I/O 2014 Registration Starts

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Google is the king of the internet industry because it has blessed the world users with such a wonderful technology that nations will benefit from. With doors open to success, Google I/O 2014 registration has now been started and the web giant is welcoming people for its developer event.

The company is now accepting applications for the upcoming I/O 2014 tickets via their official website of this event.

Please be informed that that Google I/O 2014 registration will remain open by April 18, 2:00PM PDT or 5:00 PM EDT.

Therefore, you should not be overlooking at all if really wish to participate in the developer event of Google. It is better to apply for a ticket earlier or else the time goes on until all tickets get booked.

Google will start selecting applicants randomly after the registrations are closed. The selected applications will be given the opportunity to purchase ticket to see the world’s best developer event held by Google.

As far as the pricing is concerned, $900 is admissible for general admissions or $300 for the academic admission ticket.

So before you apply, keep the pricing details in mind and set budget before you do. This time Google has changed its tradition of selling out tickets because in the past it used to sell out tickets on first come and first served basis. I think tradition of selling out tickets has now been changed by Google. Now they love to choose participants randomly without letting late comers get worried. So no matter how late you apply, there will still be chances that you will get selected if luck works well.

There must be many people wishing to join the party. How many of you guys are prepping to join Google I/O 2014 registration?

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