Google Helpouts a?? A Video Chat Service to Help Everyone

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Google Helpouts service

Google Helpouts is a new and innovative idea that will bring experts and help-seekers closer to each other. The company has silently announced the service for the betterment of humanity. We often need practical answers to our questions or queries, but it becomes difficult to figure out a specific problem due to lack of practical knowledge.

a??Google Helpouts help experts sell their expertise to the needy people from around the world through video chats.a??

Isna??t it amazing?

Yes, it is because you wona??t have to go anywhere in order to serve your purpose. Simply contact the desired professional or expert through Google Helpouts and let him/her know about your query. For instance, you can get the best cooking advice from a chef, find exercise assistance from a health expert, and get mechanical guidance from mechanics. We assume that the service will become famous very soon because people really need such kind of thing to make their life easier.

Google claims Helpouts to be very convenient for everyone and given it with a clear statement which is mentioned below.

a??Real help from real people in real time.a??

Majority of the users have liked the idea and appreciated the whole theme. Now they are looking forward to get benefited from these useful services. Google Helpouts is tied into Google+ and the experts will get payments for their assistance through Google Wallet. The company will deduct 20% of the experta??s earning.

Skillful and common people should not be anxious about payment because Google has promised full money back guarantee. So now there must not be anything ambiguous regarding the payment issue. Even if you are not satisfied with the Google Helpouts service, the company will return your bucks.

According to the Support pages, the service will work with Android, iOS and desktops. It is not live so far, however, you must keep checking back to know the availability.

Source: HelpOuts Via: Android Police


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