Google Has $500 Million Budget to Promote Moto X

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motorola xphone

Every day brings some interesting leaks and rumors about the Moto X. This tradition will continue until the company officially released the aforesaid product. Now we have got another astonishing update from an authentic source.

“The Wall Street Journal says that Google aims to promote their Moto X with a massive budget of $500 million in Europe and North America.”

Analysts are saying that such a huge amount is enough to persuade a large number of visitors. Most users within the United States will be definitely convinced due to the heavy advertisement campaign. It seems that Google does not want to waste a single penny of its budget and that’s the reason why the company looks so serious in this regard.

Some sources have confirmed that Moto X would feature the carving and back-over customization choices. Google’s this well-known device is going to have a “Pure User” experience. As we know the company is true to its words, so they will be bringing this new feature to the upcoming X phone.

No official information about the specs and features is available till now, however, we will be back with more useful info as soon as anything comes out. It is expected that the upcoming Moto X will be a fabulous product of the current era. Well, the truth will be disclosed soon after the official launch of this much-awaited product. Stay connected with us to know what’s happening around the tech community.


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