Google Android Studio Announced, An IDE to Build Apps

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Google Android Studio new IDE

The Google Android studio is a new entry that will create facilitation for the entire Android community. It is an integrated development environment to build apps of different kinds. Those who like to spend time in android app development consider it a wonderful achievement.

On the first day of I/0 2013, the Google Android Studio is the first and foremost announcement. It is based on the IntelliJ idea Community version, and this new environment simply works as a WYSIWYG for making apps.

Make different changes to the app and check a preview in real time. So this gives you freedom of trying new things that you wish to add to the recently made application. Such things really help in boosting the productivity and create convenience for building attractive applications without spending a long time and much effort.

Google IO 2013 Android Studio

Although several other announcements are expected from the company at this mega event, yet the first Google Android Studio is no less than a surprise for fans of the Googlea??s mobile operating system enthusiasts. There is a wide range of amazing emulators to preview apps. It means you can make sure to work everything as planned even if you do not have any specific device in your hands.

Due to many facilities provided by the Google Android Studio, no developer will face any sort of troublesome situations. This is because nothing would go against your plans and intentions.

Another surprising thing is a fresh development console that offers optimization tips, beta-tester, revenue graphs, usage metrics and many other useful things to perform your work well. After analyzing all these things, we have concluded that such facilities will make it very convenient to manage things for developers.

With the recently announced Google Android Studio, developers will be able to spend more time on creating polished applications that work flawlessly on various types of Android devices.



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