Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Hacked – PayPal Concerns & the Way It Hacks

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GS5 Fingerprint

The new features introduced on the hottest Galaxy S5 seem quite interesting and useful. For instance, the heart rate monitor can tell you the pulse rate and similarly the fingerprint scanner can make the cell phone’s security foolproof.

However, the fact that Galaxy S5 fingerprint hacked has troubled the entire smartphone industry and especially the thundering Korean giant.

At the initial stage it was being said that innovation of fingerprint scanner can really help users keeping their data fully safe and secure. I must say that inclusion of this particular security feature adds number to S5 sales, which now might get disturbed due to this shocking news.

There could be numerous expectations from the Samsung’s GS5, but the one that has just torn away can cause real damage to the manufacturer.

There should not be any doubt about the fact that features like this give Samsung an edge over the competitors, but this is really horrible when things start going against.

The security research labs from berlin tricked the equipment through the mould that they had created earlier to beat up Apple’s iPhone 5S.

This could be a gimmick or simply a plot to bring Samsung phone’s sales down to the lowest numbers.

Why PayPal is concerned?

Researchers on both sides, Samsung and PayPal, are concerned about the money theft from the Galaxy S5’s PayPal app.

This is really worth worrying for those who just bought their GS5 and also using the money app for making their online purchases easier.

On the contrary side, the manufacturer still believes that their smartphone’s security scanner is foolproof and there is nothing to be worried about.

Final Remarks

Although the above security break sounds agitating, yet you should not be deeply anxious in this regard because Samsung will definitely do something worthwhile to cover your losses.

Source: BBC


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