Galaxy S4 will not be Declared at MWC 2013

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Galaxy S4 rumors and release date

A few weeks back, we came to know that the Galaxy S4 would be announced at 2013 CES (Consumer Electronic Show). Well, it did not happen due to some significant issues. This was a bit discouraging and disappointing for the Galaxy S4 lovers.

Now, the situation has taken a new turn and it is being said that the device is going to make its first appearance on MWC 2013 (Mobile World Congress). No one can speak anything for sure about this because it also looks false. If you are expecting the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 at upcoming WMC event, then stop prolonging your anticipations.

a??Samsung Mobile chief, JK Shin, has verified that the hottest Samsung flagship phone will not be announced at MWC which is to be held in Barcelona (Spain) next month.a??

Not again! This is truly heartbreaking.

Isna??t it?

The news could be very astonishing for Samsung fans. However, we cannot do anything except waiting for the Company to make official announcement of this splendid handset. Delay in the release of S4 might be one of the strategies that are employed by Samsung in order to enhance and maintain their business activities.

Remember, they really do not want Apple to bunk again. Nevertheless, Samsung is enjoying the monarchy in the Android Smartphone industry and they do not want to disturb this smooth flow of Galaxy S3.

It might be possible that the company want to sell out all of its S3 units before announcing the next flagship. Most of you guys would agree to this statement. Nonetheless, all of these are estimates and no one knows what is going to happen next.

If we have a look at the launch of Galaxy S3, it took place in the May last year. So, on the basis of this assumption, it can be expected that the next Galaxy S4 would also be released in the mid 2013.


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