Galaxy S4 Mini Coming to Russia and 3 UK

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Galaxy S4 Mini black and white

The people belonging to different countries and regions are waiting for the Samsunga??s GS4 mini. Russians will be getting the Galaxy S4 mini for 19,990 rubles which equals $630. This must be very good news for the fans of this lovely device.

Well, the Dual-SIM version of the Galaxy S4 mini will be available sometime during this month of June. There is a common myth that prices of the electronics products in Russia are always very high. It is not everyone who can afford to purchase the expensive Smartphones and tablets.

You might be shocked to know that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 was set to be 29,990 rubles and this amount equals to $945. Now you must be able to take out your calculator and start estimating the price of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which should not be too high as compared to the full-fledged version.

Bigger brother of the Galaxy S4 mini also got a wonderful appreciation from users, and now its turn of the younger sibling. Not only in Russia, but the United Kingdom also aims to get the device soon. Meantime, the UK carrier 3 has posted a video hands-on showing the Galaxy S4 mini. The carrier has confirmed to launch the Smartphone before so long. Regrettably, we did not receive any information about the specifications and features of the device.

The estimated time of arrival is yet to be confirmed and we will make an official announcement when Three UK would be ready to release the device. There is also mum on price as the carrier has not unveiled the pricing yet.


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