Flexible Screen Phone Idea

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The idea of having a flexible touchscreen cell phone will surely hit
your brain. Yes, it is going to be possible in near future. A few days back, we were reported that a new technology is going to be introduced by 3M. This technology is a supple handset having a touchscreen.

Well, 3M is not the only company working on this project but Samsung has also started on prototypes of its upcoming flexible touchscreen phone. This will be a new invention of modern times. Flexible AMOLED Display phone expected to be launched by Samsung is already in its development phase.

In this era of technological competition, almost every electronic company tries to beat the other one by introducing some innovative gadgets and cell phones. You may be thinking that the flexible touch screen phone will never get a real shape. You must not forget that technology has made everything possible and current incredible gadgets are evidence of this.

Days are not far when flexible touch screen phone will be in the hands of cell phone users. The main thing that will dominate this handset over the others is it flexibility. However, other features may not be far different from presently available cell phones.


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