Facebook Home Android Coming Soon

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Facebook home android is coming soon according to news

Facebook Home Android is on a great hype nowadays because there are millions of FB fans all over the world. They always prefer to stay connected to their social media life. We have been hearing words for last few days that Facebook is going to introduce a new a??home for androida??.

According to the information, Facebook home Android will be preloaded program that will basically allow Facebook to take over your handseta??s home screen with pictures, Frienda??s stats updates and more.

This will be very obliging for the users to enjoy a convenient social media experience without heading to the browser.

A new image has been leaked showing Facebook home android and appears to be pretty helpful for social media lovers. This news is spreading across the internet and people are curious to see the new invention on their Android devise. IF you really want to enjoy the best social media experience with your FB account, then new home screen is going to help you in the right way.

The leaked image shows how Facebook emerging itself for the Android community. The software which is being used for this purpose also seems to be based on the Facebook app.

There are some users who seem to be pretty satisfied with this step. They think that current development of FB is somewhat like Amazon-style Android skin.

Zuckerberg claims that the Facebook is going to provide the best user experience on Android home. We are inquisitive to know when this new home screen for Android is coming.

Due to the rapidly rising social media needs, people like to stay in touch with their loved ones through their favorite sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Thata??s the reason why Android is coming with more fun and entertainment. Now, there is no need to access the FB app from your Smartphonea??s menu. Simply access everything from Facebook Home Android.



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