Facebook Buys WhatsApp Spending $16 Billion

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Facebook WhatsApp

Social media is uncontrollable these days because people always like to have their relations connected 24/7. There are different social media sites running at the moment and delivering users what they have been expecting for years.

Facebook is on top of the piles when it comes to the best names in this genre.

This social media giant has achieved a lot in the past 10 years and now gears up to harvest a vast land of profits via another historical acquisition.

“Facebook has finally agreed to sign an agreement with WhatsApp for the acquisition of the latter. The contract will be formulated against $16 Billion.”

The news that Facebook buys WhatsApp has spreaded just like the fire in a jungle. People from all around the globe are gossiping in this regard and declaring FB to be the next Walmart for them.

So will you be shopping if FB turns out to be the next shopping mall?

Just kidding, hopefully this will not happen at least in the coming decade. Here it is worth mentioning that the guy (Brian Acton) who first went to Facebook seeking some Job but the growing social media monarch refused to hire him. What was next? He took this to his heart and decided to do something worthwhile as the refusing company did.

Acton worked desperately with the cooperation of his colleagues and made his dream come true.

The tree of money will be distributed among Jan Koum and Brian Acton, the guys who worked from dawn to dusk for making this true.

Some people in the same industry must have heard of this when the contract was on the initial stages. However, now the fact pops up and everyone sitting on the internet finally gets aware of the dealing.

After being turned down by Twitter and Facebook, they started their journey with WhatsApp which is now being sold for billions of dollars. This is how the dedication leads to success.

To see what they shared on tweets, check out the webpage here.

Source: Mashable


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