AT&T To Sell 32GB Galaxy S4 On May 10

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32GB Galaxy S4 coming through att

AT&T has just announced the availability and pricing of the 32GB Galaxy S4. The handset will be available for purchase on May 10 for $249.99 only with a 2 year contract.

So, if you like to be loyal with the carrier, then this can be a good option. AT&T has launched several other wonderful Smartphones in the past days, and this time they intend to keep the fleet of new device launch continue.

The Samsung’s flagship has become an acclaimed device across the globe. That’s the reason why AT&T prefers to launch its different variants to fulfill the requirements of users. Previously we had told you about the GS4 release date, but carrier has now changed their plan. Similarly, Canadian carriers also released the device on set dates.

Price of the 64GB model is obviously high as compared to the 32GB Galaxy S4. Although 16GB variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also available for $199.99, yet selecting the 32GB model is sensible. Its built-in storage capacity is enough to satisfy your needs.

If you wish to be completely satisfied with what you are going to buy, then try to purchase the 32GB Galaxy S4 as it includes several goodies as desired by the potential customers.

Multiple reports on the internet have exposed that the 16GB model comes with somewhat 9GB of space that can be used for storage purpose. Well, this hardly copious storing capacity might not be appropriate for anyone.

You should check out the specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 before making a final purchase decision. Specifications other than on-board storage remain same for every variant. Therefore, there is nothing to worry in this regard because 32GB Galaxy S4 will possess all the things required by a modern Android enthusiast.

AT&T is a good carrier to serve your connectivity needs as they hold a good network coverage across the United States.



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