AT&T and T-Mobile LG G Flex Versions Leaked Online

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LG G Flex

LG has launched some of the most astonishing smartphones last year. Users have been blown away with the quality of impressive display and especially the shape. Although there are several stylish models to be discussed, yet the most interesting gadget that I loved is G Flex. This is an exclusive smartphone in the world of handheld devices. The curved shape really makes you feel awesome, no matter how you use it.

“The good news is that AT&T and T-Mobile LG G Flex renders have been leaked on the internet through the typical but authentic leak source, @evleaks.”

According to the source, two renders depicting both the carriers have been posted. This is really what going to stimulate AT&T and T-Mobile fans. Those who have been waiting for the G Flex to become available under their desired network carriers must be happy now.

This curvy smartphone has fund the fire in the tech industry, but users find it a bit difficult to afford this pricey device. Still the prices are too high and a normal user might not be able to get bucks for it. T-Mobile (D959) and AT&T (D950) editions of G Flex are shown in the so far leaked image. Carrier branding is visible on both the models and this is what makes the leak more credible. The networka??s 4G LTE logo is also seeable on status bar.

Please be informed that the hardware does not seem to be dissimilar at all. So there is nothing to be worried about this. So summing this all up, now we have got Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T variants of the LG G Flex which is quite interesting. All we miss at this stage is the authentic info on pricing and availability. No worries as we are keeping an eye on that and will inform you as and when find anything worth telling.

Source: @evleaks


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