AT&T Moto X Availability Details Unveiled

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AT&T moto x release date

AT&T Moto X is one of the most-waited devices in todaya??s world. There are millions of lovers of this particular network carrier. ATT must feel prestige to offer Moto X because no other carrier has been allowed to release this product yet. It has been leaked that alli diet pills price, alli diet pills price, alli diet pills price, alli diet pills price, alli diet pills price, alli diet pills price. AT&T Moto X will be available in white and black colors on August 23. Afterwards, users will be able to customize or modify.

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If you wish to get a reliable smartphone that can last longer to satisfy your daily communication needs, then it is advisable to get your hands at least once on Moto X. users are expecting a lot from this commendable phone and waiting for it to become available across the globe. For those who are interested to place orders for this phone must consider the delivery period. You will be able to get the handset at least four days after placing the order. So register and place an order timely so that the product can reach you within the given time period without any delay.

Moto X Color

Users can also be blessed with a chance to design their own Moto X on August 19 and get the post before someone else receives on AT&T. As far as the pricing is concerned, the 16GB model will be available for $199 and the 32GB variant will cost $249. Both of these variants will go on sale with a two-year contract. With AT&T Next, the 32GB model will worth $32 per month and 16GB cost $16GB.

The carrier will also sell Motorola Skip as a famous accessory. However, the Motorola has stated that the skip will be free with the customized edition of Moto X.A? The carrier will also have some a??Experience Tablesa?? to show customers how the customized Moto X will look like.A? Ideally, customers will themselves see what they create for the future. Below is the concept drawing that can give a clear idea.

Moto X design studio

Are you ready for the AT&T Moto X?

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